Welcome to Payne Country...

A little about life here in Payne Country…


Jimmy skiing on Sunday 6-7-2009

Jimmy Skiing on Sunday 6/7/2009

Camping with the kids 5/30/2009

Camping with the kids at Clear Creek lake. 5/30/2009


The Pallet Experiment

Experimenting with pallets around the yard. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The first Payne Country Greenhouse

This is the first greenhouse here at Payne Country. We\'ll see how it does and if we need to expand it in the future we will. It\'s 6\'x8\' and is currently housing some of our plantings.


Our closet remodel to make the kids room\'s more functional and to allow for us to move Sam to that side of the house and us to the others side. The way it should have been to begin with.