Following up on the last post, we’ve done some more research and are getting a good plan together for our orchard. It looks like cross-pollination is key when planting trees. While some trees like the Golden Delicious apple can pollinate themselves, others can not. Even those that can self-pollinate can benefit significantly from cross-pollination.

As of this post I think we’ve narrowed our selection to three variaties that help each of the other varaties in cross-polination and should provide bloom and fruit through the entire growing season. The types we’re currently looking at are:

Empire – Early bloom

Gala – Early to Midseason

Golden Delicious – Midseason – Late

Our intial plan is to plant three rows of trees in alternating numbers of 9, 8, and 9. We will alternate each tree in each row to keep the number of trees equal and hopefully promote pollination. The image attached shows a primary draft. As we continue to research this and work through the planting we may have to make changes and concessions, but I think this is a great start.

Proposed orchard layout - Click to enlarge

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