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Apr 2008
Weeds, weeds, everywhere!
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Weeds!There are weeds everywhere in our yard. As you have likely read, our lawnmower was down for quite some time which allowed much of the yard to be taken over by weeds. I am now on a mission to get these weeds taken care of. Just mowing will provide a good amount of weed control, but I need more.

I’ve been doing some research into natural weed killers. I want to stay as organic as possible so we don’t harm the soil or any of the vegetables we’re trying to grow. It looks like this is going to be a fairly simple solution to come up with. Many sites have alluded to using boiling water as one source of weed control, but other sites warn against it as it kills off good bacteria in the soil. Yet another site recommends salt, but this too hurts the soil in the long run. It seems like the common consensus is that pure vinegar or a vinegar mixture is the best form of weed control out there.

So…This is what I’m going to try…

  1. A pure Vinegar solution where the vinegar is 5%.
  2. A pure Vinegar solution where the vinegar is 10%
  3. A mixture of Vinegar, Salt, and soap which I found on the net.
  • 1 gallon of white vinegar.
  • 1 cup of table salt.
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap.

My hopes are that the 5% Vinegar will be more than adequate as it is the most commonly available and cheapest version of the liquid. We’ll see.


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One Response:

scribe said:

I’ve had some of the same plants growing in my backyard and still haven’t learned the name of them. Seems their names are a hidden? Any chance you learned their names? One looks like a fern. Some ferns can be eaten while others are toxic. So its a trick to know which are which.

Dandelions are great for the eyes and someone told me we can eat the whole plant roots included in a salad, but I haven’t verified that just yet.

That yellow flower with the purple colored leaves…does it have prickly leaves and stem? IF it does, I am looking for that plants name so I can learn more about it. It grows wild here and I’m unable to find its name.


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