John Deere L130 Lawn TractorI knew what the problem was when we dropped it off. The clutch was shot and the wiring had had it due to a short in the clutch. Well, we got the call this afternoon saying that it’s ready to be picked up. $345.00 for the replacement. I could have bought two push mowers for the price of just the clutch. What’s going on with the price of parts for equipment today? It sounds like highway robbery. I’m glad I didn’t go to a true John Deere dealer to get it fixed. They quoted me $300 for just the clutch. That is not including the wiring and labor. Sick I tell you. At least it’s running again and I can mow the yard. If you’ve seen the other post, you know it’s in dire need of being mowed.

Now I need to fix the real tractor. The old ford 8n is a healthy beast with the exception of the PTO. I really need to get some experience working on this thing. I can only imagine that it’s going to cost me a pretty penny to get the PTO working. Just another thing I guess.


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