This weekend we finished up the roof on the chicken coop. It took about a day to line it with tar paper, lay the rows of shingles, cap it, and trip the edges. It looks pretty good (PIC’s to come). I never thought it would be so hard to do it without scafolding, but I got it done. Now I just need toget some windows in and build a roost and laying boxes. I still hope to have the chickens in it in the spring.

One really cool thing was my donkeys hung around it while I was there. They are herd animals and acted like it. I’m starting to think we need to pick up some cows or goats.

I also had the tractor out this weekend. We were getting some pretty bad pot holes in the drive way and I was able to grade it and fill in the majority of the holes. It’s a heck of a lot smoother now, and much nicer to boot.

I’m hoping you are all enjoying the holidays…

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