So we began our project to build a closet in the existing master bedroom on the wall that separates it from Jameson’s room. This will actually be a double closet with one opening into each room. Once done we’ll wall off the bathroom door from the existing master making it Sammy’s new room, and we’ll open the other end of the bathroom into Sammy’s old room turning it into the master. In Jameson’s room we’ll be removing his existing closet, a funky sink and some odd cabinetry to square off his room and make it more functional as well. Our goal is to have the kids on one side of the house, and us on the other while keeping each room functional. The space we’re stealing from the existing master will still leave it at 12’2″ x 12’9″, so not bad for a second bedroom. Jameson’s will be a little different shaped at 15’6″ x 9″, but still a good sized room. Here are some pics of the project so far.

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