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Dec 2009
New additions to Payne Country…
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We woke up to a big surprise yesterday morning. As we walked out the front door we saw blood on the porch and got worried. We thought the puppies may have gotten into a fight with each other, a skunk, or some other animal. We started looking around and Mac and Porshe were both fine and walking around with us, but Cinnamon was no where to be found. As we continued to look we went through the regular hiding spots, one of which being our shed (look at the tractor pics and you’ll know what I’m talking about). It was there that we heard it. Cinnamon and the sounds of babies. She had her first litter. This was a true surprise to us.

Fast forward a few hours and we ended up digging under the shed to get to them so we could bring them inside. We didn’t want them to freeze to death. As of now it looks like we have three boys (all white) and three girls (all spotted), and all of them appear to be health, as does the mother.

We snapped this pic, but we’ll be taking more later. You’ve gotta love puppies!

Talk to you later…

Puppies 026_sm

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