Broke tractor

The kids are back to school, and we’re back to doing homework and enjoying the stories from the day. New clothes, new backpacks, and new friends. That was the theme of the day as the kids headed off to school. A meer eight and a half hours later they were getting off the bus with a gleam in their eyes flush with new found knowledge and ambition. Who am I kidding? They got off the bus and were excited to have had fun with new and old friend alike, but were disgusted with the fact that they had to actually do work at school. Ah yes my friends, we have started yet another year of “why do I have to get up?” and “I don’t want to do my homework!”. It’s all good. I’m relatively certain that I’ve got more endurance than them when it comes to who will win in the epic battles that have become getting school related things accomplished. You gotta love’em!

We’re slow to do updates lately as it seems everything has become possessed and decided to stop working. Why is it when one thing dies everything else decides to fall in line and follow in it’s footsteps? We’ve got a tractor that needs a radiator and waterpump, a riding mower that needs something done to it’s mow deck (I haven’t pulled it off to see just what yet), a dead washer that’s been broken for over a month and the repair guy can’t seem to get the right parts ordered, a dead dryer that will start when it wants to, which isn’t enough to keep up with the loads that come out of the washer (good thing the washers broke), and 2 of our 4 burners on the stove have decided to give up the ghost. Yep, it’s a beautiful thing. We will overcome! One thing at a time will get fixed, and eventually other things will break. Such is life!

Okay, I’m getting back to the grind. Talkatcha later!

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