We had a busy and fun weekend. We went to the Lamb family reunion on Saturday and spent time at the lake on Friday and Sunday.

The reunion was great fun, and it was good to see everyone we haven’t seen in a while. It was also great to meet some of you who I haven’t met before. You can jump to the lamb family reunion page or click on the album below to get to the pictures.

The Lamb family reunion 6-6-2009

Pictures from the Lamb family reunion at Mike's on Saturday June 6th 2009

On Friday, I got up on a pair of water skis for the first time. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Now, you just have to know this wasn’t my first attempt, and for any of you out there who know me, I wasn’t going to let intial failure get the best of me! Many of you have heard the story of my first attempt, and the lack of common sense that ensued when I made that attempt. You see, I went up, back down, and then was drug a little while until I couldn’t hold on anymore. My excuse is that I wasn’t told that I should let go when I fall. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! The next two times were about the same, I’d start to go up, only to end up contorted into shapes that the human body just shouldn’t be able to get into, then I’d hit the water hard and drink half the lake.

Let’s fast forward to Friday. It started out much the same, but something was a little different. I had talked to Ron, owner of Roy’s Market and all around good ol’boy who knows a little about everything. Well, as I was filling up the tanks for the boat I told him I was going to attempt skiing again, and that I’d had many issues. He gave me the best advise to date. Act like a frog and wait until you’re on top of the water before you stand up. Well, hey, I know how a frog sits, so I took it to heart. Wouldn’t you know, the first time I got up on the water I was sitting on the skis in a position that wouldn’t let me stand up. That was it, I extended my legs a little on the next attempt. I was up! You skiers will probably say that it’s not that bad, but for me it was summiting Mt. Everest! I was proud, and so were Adrienne and the kids. It was awesome.

These pictures are from Sunday. It was quite a bit windier than Friday, but we still had a blast. The kids want trainer skis, and I want to learn to wake board. Adrienne is nursing a hurt ankle, so she’ll be attempting next week. Enjoy the pics!

Jimmy skiing on Sunday 6-7-2009

Jimmy Skiing on Sunday 6/7/2009

Talk to you later…

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