Let me start with the mess. We got word from our webhost that our new app for the blog is no longer acceptable for our host and I just don’t want to spend the cash to upgrade to the new host, so I’m going back to a previous setup. The only problem with this is all our tables are screwed up because of the newer app. It’s all good, the data is still there, but the pictures and gallerys are all moved around. I’ll get this fixed later, so bear with me.

On to camping! We got to spend the weekend at the lake again, and we ended up getting some pretty good pictures. We had a blast, as usual. Saturday we played with skiing again, and I did better, but not well enough so I’ve got to get back at it. I really want to try wake boarding too. The kids played at the beach and in the water. We did better this time since we got out and setup earlier. Even with getting there around 11, we still didn’t get the campsite of our choice. Oh well, maybe next time. This one wasn’t bad, just not the one we had initially wanted. Take a gander at the pics. We took about 350, so this isn’t all of them. Also, these have been resized. If you want a fullsize version of any of them, just let me know.

Talk to you later…

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