So, as I’m going through some websites focused on drilling a bore (well), adding a cistern, figuring out just what exactly I have left to do to get some chickens here on the property, and some of the other farm related stuff, I’ve read the term "Hobby Farm" over and over again. So, that got me to thinking about my lifestyle being a hobby. We moved here from the city with dreams of becoming self-sufficient and more eco-friendly, but it’s not so much a hobby as it is a change in lifestyle. Some might argue that if you’re not running a farm for profit, it has to be a hobby. I argue that it’s a homestead, and not a hobby at all.

Yesterday afternoon, I got off work and realized that I had to pull the tractor out and do some more grading to the driveway. I didn’t want to do it, but I realized it had to be done. That’s not indicative of a hobby, but moreso a chore or responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoy sitting on my tractor and completing some of the chores around the yard. I almost find it theraputic. The difference I find is that when I think of a hobby, I think of something that I have a desire to do that doesn’t really bring more benefit than my enjoyment.

Now, once you get beyond that, whend does a hobby farm go from being a hobby, to strictly a farm? At some point we’d like to generate some income from our hard work. Not necessarily replace our current income, but get some additional income from some of the investments we make along the way. Ah, how the definition of something can change with symantics.

Coming to you from Payne Country, uh hobby…wait, no, regular…no…just plain Payne Country! This is Jimmy…

Talk to you later!

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