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Apr 2009
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Well, we finally got it planted. We’re talking about the garden. We’ve had it tilled for a while, and actually planted once before, but we were off on the last frost. We ended up retilling once again, and replanting. We’re still experimenting with what works. This time it’s corn (sweet), potatoes (red and idaho), peas (green and black eyed), and carrots. Once we see how this goes, will probably start another garden (early summer) in May using many of the same plants. We picked up a new book (can’t remember the name off hand) that gives us a better garden layout than what we used and will allow us to better utilize the space. Apparently we could have gotten twice as much yield had we planted in a different array. The name of the game is live and learn.

We’re going to try and stay on top of taking pictures every sunday to show the progress, but we have been known to be flaky about taking pictures. I guess it really depends on how pretty (de-weeded) we can keep it!

On with the pics! I’ve put a slide show below, but you can always go to the gallery if you want to browse the image list. If you have any questions, let us know.

Talk to you later!

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