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Hey guys, I just read about H.R. 875, The “Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009” and I’m a bit concerned. It looks like some of our elected individuals have decided to begin regulating small farmes out of business. On the surface H.R.875 as well as H.R. 814 look like they may be provided to help with the safety of our food, but once you delve into the text of the resolutions you quickly find that these resolutions make it almost impossible for a small farmer to be able to afford the tracking and permitting to raise or grow any types of food. H.R.814 is about licensing and tracking livestock. In both cases there are concessions made for the LARGE farmer to ease the implementation of the tracking and permitting.

Now, if you look into the past food epidemics they are directly related to commercial food producers, who are already supposedly highly regulated. To the contrary, small farmers, the kinds who sell at farmers markets, rarely see any issues of a similar nature and are often seen as a much more healthy alternative. These resolutions are specifically directed at the small farm who resells at the local markets, and it appears as though they are there to deter small farmers from growing food for sale.

Here at the homestead, we really like fresh and organic food, and while we’re in the country, we already have a hard enough time finding local resellers. We don’t have the knowhow or resources to grow everything ourselves so we rely on other local sources for the other staples of our diet. Barring their availability we are subject to mass produced and altered foods. It’s not something we’re very fond of!

In the same token my perception is this bill would make it so that our dreams of opening an orchard for profit financially unobtainable. Between licensing, registration, and permitting, we’d be regulated out of a for profit business. This is change I can NOT believe in.

What do you think?

Talk to you later…

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