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It’s still relatively quiet here in Payne Country. Lil’ Jameson had his first practice with his new team, the hulks, last Monday, and another practice on Thursday. Sammy had her first practice on Thursday as well. What fun! We’ve filed for our tax return, which is already spent, and are waiting for the weather to stabilize so we can get back to working around outside. It’s been plain beautiful lately, but we don’t have the trees to plant, and it’s not time for the garden yet, so we’re resting on our laurels so to speak. I just hope that the weekends get a little warmer.

I’m going to be heading to Arkansas next month for a couple of days of fun in the mountains. It’ll be my first 4-wheeling trip in quite a few years. I’m going to use it as a shakedown run in preparation for future trips to Moab Utah and the Rubicon Trail in CA. I am going to be going this one alone, but the future trips will certainly include the rest of the family. I started prepping the materials I planned on taking with me, and I quickly found that what I would ideally like to take and what I’m actually going to take are two different things. I’ve got limited interior storage, and I’m not entirely sure I’ll have any exterior storage available. We’ll see, but I have high hopes for this trip.

I’m on the hunt for some more hay. I bought quite a few bails last harvest extremely cheap, about half the going rate, and I’m almost out. I’d like to grab a large round bale from time to time, but I don’t have any way to transport it yet. Until then, I’ll be stocking up on the smaller square bales again.

That’s about it.

I’d like to hear what’s going on with you, so if you’re reading this, drop me a line.

Talk to you later…

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